On the Spot: Psychology students learn to relieve stress with yoga (with video)

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Laura Amador Toro

During sixth period on Thursday, Coppell High School psychology students do yoga to enhance their understanding of their Overall Development unit in the library. The yoga is conducted by Kristia Leyendecker and Eric Walker.

Arman Merchant, Staff Writer

Students in all psychology classes walked into the library today to get ready for yoga for their current unit labeled Overall Development. The activity, which has been going on for four years now, has been a great way for the teachers to show students how to relieve stress.


“CHS has been a place for students to be very stressed at times,” AP Psychology teacher Kristia Leyendecker said. “By providing these kids tools to help release stress, it can contribute to both their academic and overall health.”


This year marked the first time the on level psychology classes were introduced to the activity.


“This activity really helped relieve all my stress both in the classroom and also while playing basketball,” junior Quaalou Ware said. “The breathing method is something I will use to help me especially when I get angry.”


The library was a serene area, where students watched a video that outlined the basic steps on how to preform yoga. Although students were able to learn some of the many yoga positions, they did struggle on some of the harder ones, that took more experience.


“I will definitely focus more on the breathing positions because I can do it anywhere I want,” junior Isha Agarwal said. “Overall it was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone that ever needs to slow down and take a break.”