Fashion Focus: Plaid


Lilly Gorman

Plaid’s vintage look is a current fashion trend worn by many Coppell High School students. This tartan skirt was purchased at Forever 21.

Lilly Gorman

The current fashion style is all about what looks old. The youth cares about looking vintage as if they walked out of a Wes Anderson movie; creating this aesthetic has blown up on the social media, allowing people to gain follower after follower for sticking to the trendy style.

Significant and timeless,  plaid seems to be the pattern appearing on clothing of all types. The various styles of plaid give people more reasons to wear the favored pattern. Houndstooth, tartan or black watch, we appear to glamorize all forms which have been incorporated in the fashion industry by many designers, magazines and runways. Plaid will always be around, but right now it is the thriving motif of the internet.

A plaid skirt can be bought online for $18 at Forever 21