On the Spot: APUSH students reenact Antebellum period through We Are One (with video)


Laura Amador Toro

Coppell High School APUSH student dresses up as a social activist for the “We Are One” project. Students had to represent a piece of the Antebellum time period for this assignment.

Dhruva Dammanna | KCBY-TV

Arman Merchant, Staff Writer

Students entered the CHS library, which completely turned into a museum for the Antebellum period.


The AP U.S. history classes have been working on a project titled We Are One, which shows the different aspects of the Antebellum period. Ranging from live music to food from that time, the library transformed into something truly magnificent.


This is one of the many activities the APUSH classes have planned to really understand the what was taking place during different periods of American History.


“It is a great way for the students to truly understand the various ideas that were spread throughout this period,” APUSH teacher Diane de Waal said. “This project is one of my favorite in the year, if I participated, I would most likely be a social activist.”


Students have been selected for different roles by taking a personality test that shows their strongest characteristics.


“I get to really see their different characteristics shine throughout the event, it brings us together,” de Waal said.


Each student had gone through five rotations, and then switched to view their peers presentations.


“My favorite part was the chef stations,” junior Michelle Moller said. “They did a great job explaining the different types of food, and the bigger picture behind them.”