Technology Spotlight: Apple’s October Keynote


Andrés Bear, Staff Writer

Apple has unveiled a new line of products this Wednesday though a keynote event in Brooklyn, N.Y.. The event found tech journalists from around the globe huddled inside the Brooklyn Academy of Music.


A colorful display of lights and sounds guided the showcase which revealed Apple’s refresh of its new iPad Pro, Macbook Air line. Each set of products received both a significant hardware and software upgrade.


The new iPad Pro carries a striking mix of angular and round design elements that make the device appear quite futuristic. Apple’s surprising inclusion of the USB C port on the new iPad Pro has turned heads as it is a bold move for a company whose practices tend to technologically regressive.


The new iPad Pro is currently available in two sizes each with their own configurations on Apple’s website. It starts at $799 for the base 11-inch display version.


The much desired refresh to the Macbook Air line was announced and detailed during the keynote. It is a complete design overhaul that replaces the clunky nature of the original Air line with a sleek look reminiscent of the Macbook Pro. The internals of the laptop were also upgraded to match the laptops currently on the market.


The new Macbook Air is currently available in two configurations on Apple’s website. It starts at $1,199 for the base 128Gb version.