Song of the Week: “Sweet but Psycho” – Ava Max

Anthony Cesario, Entertainment Editor

Ava Max shows all the signs of a modern pop star in the making – a signature hairstyle, a knack for writing infectious hooks and an incredibly catchy track currently making its way up global Spotify charts: “Sweet but Psycho”, which has racked up more than 42 million streams on the site.


“Sweet but Psycho” is not necessarily musically or lyrically groundbreaking, but it is about as close to a “perfect” pop track as they come. The production is polished and danceable, dark and electronic, reminiscent of late ‘00s Lady Gaga.


Max’s vibrant vocals carry the song from its smooth verses to its anthemic chorus. After a breakdown in the bridge, the song returns with a final chorus as triumphant as it is infectious, complete with melodic screams and whistles in the background that will leave listeners hitting the replay button for many times to come.