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Lauren Mallette

Lauren Mallette

Lauren Mallette

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“I started art sophomore year. At first, it was just the extra elective that I had to fill. I was really sporty freshman year and through middle school. I didn’t do art through middle school, I only did it in elementary school. I did soccer and volleyball in freshman year and a lot of kids that do athletics will do dance as their fine arts credit, and that’s what I did. And then when I needed to fill something, I thought, ‘Oh, I guess art will be easy and fun’ and then my art teacher, Ms. Reynolds, was so cool and amazing and I thought, ‘I actually kinda like this, and I kinda had a knack for it’ and then the next year, junior year, I was like, ‘I’m going to still continue this so I can have something fun,’ and that’s when I really took off with it, my junior year. This year, with the AP drawing class, we don’t really have direction, we’re creating a portfolio off of the theme that we choose and so I was able to explore more of my strengths, so I would have to say everything I’ve been doing this year, independently, has been some of my best work.”

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