“What makes a friend a real friend?”


Bella Mora

Friendships in Coppell High can be stressful for some students. Sidekick staff writer Reneta Barona discusses the problem with this issue.

Renata Barona , Staff Writer

A few months ago two very important people in my life got mad and our friendship ended in a blink of an eye.


We have all heard the saying that some friendships do not last forever, and sadly, it is true. How would you feel if suddenly the person you thought it was your friend is not the person you thought he or she was?


Friendships in high school can be difficult and the drama, gossip and falsehood of people can be spread around the building. Even though many of us do not have this problem at the moment, most have experienced this problem at least once in our lives.


It only takes one second, one person or one event to change everything and when the damage is done, there is not much to do left.


When I first met them I saw them not only as my friends but also as my family. We shared almost everything with each other and did almost everything together. But as the time went by, we became more distant and started arguing more and more.


That was the moment I knew this friendship was not going to last much longer. Why? We were too different to even realize that our arguments were jeopardizing our our ability to coexist in general.


As it turned out it was for the best, but of course it hurts. The fact that I lost two friends that were so important to me was sad, but most of all I was disappointed because I really thought our friendship would last.