Closet collection leads to growing photography business


Farah Merchant

Coppell High School junior Bhavya Vasireddy is currently in Cameron Tiede’s Art II Photography class where she is advancing her photography skills. Vasireddy began photography around five years ago, and she hopes to open her own photography firm in the future.

Farah Merchant, Student Life Editor

Coppell High School junior Bhavya Vasireddy has a closet filled with about eight cameras and 15 lenses, which she mixes and matches for the best photo.


Around five years ago, Vasireddy’s father, Kiran Vasireddy, went to the Texas School of Professional Photography to take a course to become a certified photographer. It was her father’s commitment to photography that pushed Vasireddy to start taking pictures.


“I started picking up an interest in it, and then I kept going to photoshoots with my dad,” Vasireddy said. “That’s when I fell in love with photography.”


Vasireddy has transformed her brand, Shots by Bhavya, expanding her photography from shots for students to partnering with various companies such as East Coast Lifestyle, a clothing brand by online influencer Alex MacLean; Jaanu, a makeup artist attending the University of Texas at Dallas; and Dutch Blend, a fashion, beauty, and travel blogger.


“I’m hoping it becomes a firm because I’m already partners with various companies,” Vasireddy said. “I have done a lot of shoots, and I make money off this so I hope it grows from there.”


Along with working in professional photoshoots, she also takes shots of CHS students and was recently booked for prom by CHS senior Paloma Diaz.


“I put on a notice on my Instagram story saying that I am available for bookings for prom photos, but I can only do one for each school,” Vasireddy said. “For CHS, I was booked by Paloma and Josh. I advertise on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and I have a website to try to get the word out.”


Currently, Vasireddy is in Art II Photography with Cameron Tiede. Under Tiede’s leadership, she has grown as a photographer and become proficient in using Adobe Photoshop.


“[Art II Photography] is more with art,” Vasireddy said. “We do different projects, where we do a lot of photoshop. Whereas, whenever I do photoshoots, the only photoshop I do is editing small bits and pieces and changing the colors.”


According to Tiede, Vasireddy is a great photographer with natural talent, but he has seen changes in her photography through this class.


“Just her general photography skills have gotten better,” Tiede said. “She’s got a more keen eye.”


Vasireddy’s desire to pursue photography as a career has impressed Tiede who thinks that this career option is a good choice for Vasireddy.


“Even though I got a lot of kids in a couple of sections of photography,” Tiede said. “I don’t see many kids who want to truly pursue that, not as an educational goal but a professional goal. I totally encourage that. I think she’s great that way, and I’m excited for her.”