Coppell Observer: How to spring clean like a pro


Wren Lee

Every year, teenagers must partake in the difficult task of cleaning their rooms during spring. The Sidekick editorial page editor Fiona Koshy gives tips about spring cleaning to make the process a little easier.

Fiona Koshy, Editorial Page Editor

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It is that time of year again. Spring. A time to go outside, take advantage of the longer days and sadly, spring clean.


It has been ingrained in us ever since we were young that as the weather gets warmer and the flowers begin to bloom, the time to clean commences.


Like bears, it is natural for us teenagers to go into hibernation during the cold winter months. We go to school and carry out the rest of our responsibilities, but as soon as we get home, we cannot find the will to leave our rooms, let alone get out of bed. Such a routine leads to the buildup of trash anywhere and everywhere.


Chances are that your parents are on your case about cleaning up this mess. If so, read on for some simple tips to make your space clean in no time:


Put the area under your bed to use. It is the ideal storage space. That big pile of trash covering your desk and bedside table? Slide it under. Those old clothes that you are never going to wear but are too lazy to donate or sell? Throw those under as well. If it gets too full and you still have trash, take advantage of your siblings rooms. They will not notice.


Now that your floors are cleared, it is time to clean them. If you do not have the time or will power to actually sweep or mop them, consider investing in a rug (or two). No one will know how dirty your actual floors are. Plus, rugs add a nice decorative touch.


Split up your laundry into two piles: sort of dirty and absolutely needs to be cleaned. Now that you have hopefully lessen your load, sprinkle your remaining laundry in your parents baskets. This way, you get clean clothes without the hassle. Plus, once they see how dirty your clothes are, their parental instincts are going to kick in- there is no way they will not wash them.


Last but not least, gather all your spring related perfumes and scents. These will make a world of a difference when masking those smells building up in your room. You will know when to stop spraying and placing random candles everywhere when the smells of old food and smelly socks are replaced with the fresh smells of spring. Maybe that is why it is called spring cleaning after all.


When it comes time to show your parents your room, remember that natural lighting is not your friend. All it does is reveal how messy your room still is. Close your blinds and turn on a lamp instead.


Hopefully these tips help. Remember that there is always the option of actually cleaning your room, but then again, who wants to do that?


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