Humans of CHS: Shruti Asodaria

“Going to Honduras was a very great experience. Most people think of what we were doing as charity work but really it’s the complete opposite. These aren’t people that are in dire need, they are not completely poor or anything, they just don’t have enough money to get the proper care they need. One day, we literally delivered a baby in a shed with no light. We used our phone lights. She went into labor right then and there. There was one window that we had to close, so it was completely dark. It was very nerve wracking; I had her in triage and I sent her and she started going into labor. The nearest hospital was two hours away, so she had just delivered her baby, and the roads aren’t highways like they are here – they are through the woods, and it takes two hours to drive to the capital. She had no pain medicine or anything, no epidural, she just went into labor. We saw kids getting their teeth pulled just sitting in desks. They would pull teeth without receiving any numbing medicine. These people have gone through so much pain that they didn’t even flinch. It was an amazing experience, and I think it’s good to give back. We took medicine that we had here. We raised money; I raised $1,800, and all that went towards medicine and all the supplies that we needed for the hospital there,” senior Shruti Asodaria said.

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