Humans of CHS: Lillian Cruz

Nishant Medicharla
“I was born in California and I moved to Texas 12 and a half years ago, and I ended up in Coppell by luck. I was looking for a job, and I saw [an ad] in the newspaper. I really just loved the environment and how people treat you here. My daughter went to school in Coppell, and attended Coppell Middle School East, and then graduated from Coppell High School three years ago. I really do love the people in Coppell, they are very friendly. Coming from the Los Angeles area, yes they’re friendly, but here they’re more united. Coppell has taught me a lot and that includes keeping myself pretty positive about anything in life, which I do like about myself. There’s always a reason and a purpose for everything, and I think that makes me kind of unique. I just try to keep myself very positive, even in bad times. I feel like I care for other people and put other people’s feelings before myself,” CHS Cafeteria Manager Lillian Cruz said.

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