Humans of CHS: Devaki Dave

Nishant Medicharla
“I grew up in Texas so despite [my] Indian heritage, I guess I grew up bi-culture and bilingual. My family speaks our native language, Gujarati and English, at home. Around fourth grade, I took Spanish after school as a club, and I stuck with it up to middle school, where I did Spanish I. I just continued all the way into high school, and made it a passion. I just loved languages, music and culture. I loved seeing the similarities between my culture of north India and the culture of Hispanic countries such as Peru, Bolivia and Mexico. Seeing those connections that we have similarities such as spending time with family and doing what’s good for your neighbors and things like that. But overall, I was just wowed by this beautiful language, and I thought, I am going to pursue Spanish. It’s not going to be a side hobby, it’s going to be a job. I studied it in college, and here I am today”, CHS Spanish II and III teacher Devaki Dave said.

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