Humans of CHS: Katie Love

Laura Amador Toro
“I started singing pretty much when I was born. I’ve been singing my whole life. This is the gift that God gave me, so I’ve always used it. I’m in choir, theater, voice lessons and I also sing at my church outside the school. You can tell that singing is just a big part of my life. I was asked to sing at the pep rally by Bona Coogle, who is the head Coppell Choir director, because I sang in a football game earlier in the year, so she heard me do it there and ask me to sing at the pep rally. It was a little scary, but I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be. I’ve always loved to perform, so any chance that I get to do so, I take it. I like how singing makes me feel and I like how it makes other people feel. In my opinion, singing is the best way to portray emotions, but this doesn’t just happen to me when I sing, I also play the piano, the guitar, a little bit of ukulele and I’m looking forward to learn how to play the banjo. My dad plays the guitar and has a connection with music, so I’ve always been surrounded by it. For me, any kind of music is the most rewarding thing. [Music] is just the best to express yourself,” CHS senior Katherine Love said.

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