Increasing her influence: Fisher files for Republican Party precinct chair


Lili Lomas

Coppell ISD Board of Trustees president Tracy Fisher filed for Precinct Chair for Precinct 2805. As Precinct Chair she hopes to encourage citizens to vote and become more involved in influencing decisions made in the Republican Party.

Lili Lomas, Digital Content Editor

Coppell ISD Board of Trustees President Tracy Fisher is taking her leadership and initiative one step further. She has filed to run as precinct chair for the Republican Party for Precinct 2805.


If elected, Fisher will work within her precinct to make sure citizens vote and she will participate as a delegate to Republican Party meetings and decisions.


Precinct 2805 includes the area around Town Center, north of Sandy Lake Road, east of Denton Tap Road, west of Samuel Road, and a bit of the Denton Creek area.


As precinct chair, not only would Fisher encourage citizens in her precinct to vote, but she also aims to become more involved in decision making in her party.


“I hope to get into the conversation that is going on behind the closed doors at the Republican Party [and] to influence the kinds of decisions that are being made,” Fisher said.  


Dec. 11 was the deadline to file and March 6 is the election. Typically a person that applies to be a precinct chair is not opposed. However, Fisher is in a contested race. She filed against Bill Hurlbert who has been in the office for several years meaning that on the ballot, voters will have to make a decision as to who their precinct chair will be rather than only have one option.


One of Fisher’s priorities as precinct chair is education.


“Our state is encouraging state tests which say nothing and our universities don’t care about our state test performance and then we have kids that are caught up retaking tests all the time which is really abuse but that’s what our state expects from us and I want to change that,” Fisher said.


Former Republican member of the Texas House of Representatives and former Coppell ISD trustee Bennett Ratliff is in Fisher’s precinct and recognizes the qualities he thinks she would bring to the position of precinct chair.


“She will help to return the leadership of the party back to representing the values of our town,” Ratliff said.


Coppell Chamber of  Commerce chair-elect Jeff Varnell supports Fisher because of her past leadership experience.


“The precinct chair’s job is to get out the vote and she will make sure that everybody is registered to vote that is eligible and she will support 100 percent the Republican Party that she is running for precinct chair in,” Varnell said.