Talent meets modesty at the CHS Talent Show

Pramika Kadari, Staff Writer

On Friday, students displayed their talents for the annual Coppell High School Talent Show through a variety of acts from fusion dances to drawing. As the show came to a close, the performers ascended the stage in preparation for the judges’ announcement of winners.


CHS junior Ahilesh Vasudaven, who sang a cover of “River” by Bishop Riggs, did not expect to hear his name called as the first place winner. After taking the microphone, he was speechless for a few moments, then took the opportunity to praise his fellow performers instead of focusing on himself.


“I want to congratulate everyone else who performed,” Vasudaven said. “I’m humbled that judges gave this to me, but this win is for all of us.”


Despite the shock written all over his face regarding his success, it was clear that Vasudaven deserved the first place title. As he sang, the audience’s eyes were glued to the stage. By the middle of the song, the spectators had began clapping to the beat, mesmerized in the rhythm.


Close behind Vasudaven was senior Sherron Thomas, who entertained everyone with his flashy hip hop dancing, and earned second place for doing so. Thomas does not dance regularly, but has worked hard on his act for the past three weeks. Like Vasudaven, he was not expecting to be given this honor.


“I was really surprised, I wasn’t really confident because I’ve never danced in front of a crowd before,” Thomas said.


In contrast to Thomas’s lack of experience with dancing, junior Andrew Mares, who performed contemporary ballet, has been practicing the art for over two years. Although he has done two previous shows at his studio, Friday night was his first time with the CHS Talent Show.


“Right before performing, it feels like an adrenaline rush and you’re like ‘oh my gosh, can I do it?’ My hearts racing, but I know I practiced a million times in the studio, hours upon hours. When you get on stage, you let it all out and do what you know you have to do,” Mares said.


Contemporary ballet and hip hop were not the only type of dancing featured. Sophomores Sanjonaa Rudrarajuvenkata and Srija Uppu diversified the show by performing a fusion dance, which was interlaced with songs from a different culture, and wore clothing to match that culture’s style.


Throughout the show, the audience showed strong support with loud calls of encouragement and roaring applause. Several of the performers’ had friends and family in the crowd, including sophomore Christie Hernandez, who sang a duet of “Everything has Changed” by Taylor Swift with her friend, sophomore Rohil Verma.


“We’re really excited to see the singing and support our friends in the show,” Tori Wysocki, one of Hernandez’s friends, said.


Swift seemed to be a popular choice among the performers, as sophomore Sarah Dubey also sang a cover of one of her new songs, “New Year’s Day.” Although “Everything Has Changed” is from 2012, while “New Year’s Day” was only released last November, both songs have a soft, beautiful melody.


Hernandez’s collaboration with Verma was not the only duet, either. Freshmen Neha Desaraju and Adisri Mohapatra worked together to sing “Air”.


Other performances of the night included sophomore Deepti Senthilmurugan singing “Alive”, sophomore Madeline Barnett singing “Thy Will be Done”, sophomore Bradley Dunn singing “Greatest Love of All, freshman Jadalyn Van singing “Wrecking Ball”, sophomore Mikiyah Parker singing “She Used to be Mine”, freshman Esha Kumar singing “Skinny Love” and junior Taylor Lee singing “Live for Better Days” while playing his guitar.


The CHS Men’s Choir, also known as the Accafellas, wrapped up the show with their performance of “All Star”, lightly dancing as they sang.


Every student in the Talent Show performed with all their heart, sparking awe and pride in those who watched them.


“I’m very proud of her,” said Dimple Das, the aunt of Mohopatra. “I always encourage her to do these things she loves.”