On the Spot: Middle, elementary schoolers bring charisma to annual show

Jessica Hernandez, Staff Writer

Bright smiles and cheerful voices filled the Coppell High School auditorium with music on Thursday as elementary, middle and high school directors came together to host the annual Coppell ISD Honor Choir.


One day each year, elementary and middle school students spend the day at CHS to participate in day-long rehearsals to prepare for a performance later that evening. The Honor Choir will perform tonight at 7 in the CHS auditorium.


The Honor Choir is made up of fifth and sixth graders from each elementary and middle school in CISD. Music teachers and choir directors worked together to make this special day possible for students from around the district.


“It’s a collaboration between the choir directors and teachers that helps promote the arts and put on a concert that brings all of us together,” CHS head choir director Bona Coogle said. “This being my first year in the district, the other directors and teachers helped guide me through the process of putting this event together so we can make things even better for students in the future.”


In 2011, Wilson Elementary music teacher Eric Hanson started the Honor Choir, which was held at Wilson followed by a concert at the Coppell Middle School West auditorium.


“We started it because we thought it would be a great opportunity for learners from around the district to be able to work together on something that is a common community goal,” Hanson said.


The annual rehearsals and concert are now held in the CHS auditorium in order to let young learners experience what it’s like to be in choir at the high school.


“It gives learners a break from their normal routine and lets them focus on singing, being around new directors and students and making great music,” CHS associate choir director Adam Gilliland said.


The future of Coppell Choir is promising as this year’s Honor Choir was filled with enthusiastic students with musical capabilities farther than groups in past years have had.


“They’re very musically aware and have a good grasp of how to be musical,” Coppell Middle School East dhoir director Lauren Danby said. “It’s almost second nature for these kids to perform and be musical and that’s pretty different than how it’s been in past years.”