Sanctuary Cities might be the bad way for equality

Undocumented immigrants and criminals continue to walk in, while we all debate


Sruthi Boppuri

With an increase in sanctuary cities across the nation, it can provide a shield for undocumented immigrants and criminals who enter the country. Many government officials and everyday people, continue to argue if there should be an increase or decrease with sanctuary cities.

Nishant Medicharla , Staff Writer

The term “sanctuary city” has been causing a huge storm within the political world. It has not only caused Democrats and Republicans to have differing viewpoints, but also everyday people whom we associate with.


So what exactly is a sanctuary city?


A sanctuary city is a city that limits the local police cooperation with federal agencies to enforce the immigration law. Meaning, the police will be limited on how much they work with federal agencies, such as the FBI, to deport people who are illegal or undocumented. In a sanctuary city, police or federal authorities are not able to ask the status of an immigrant if it does not relate with the topic, according to The Washington Post.


With the spread of sanctuary cities, however, many problems arise.


Criminals and undocumented immigrants who enter the country illegally and settle in a sanctuary city do not have to worry about being deported. Since the federal and local police cannot ask these people about their status, the criminals and undocumented immigrants have a shield.


With these criminals entering the country, crime rates can increase.


Within the state of Texas, there have been almost 12,000 crimes committed mostly including drug trafficking, according to The Hill. These crimes could have been prevented without the use of sanctuary cities, as sanctuary cities make it easier for people to hide from authorities.


In addition, having more sanctuary cities can create a ripple effect causing millions of Americans to lose their jobs.


When undocumented immigrants enter the country, they obviously need money to support themselves. Although, they take away jobs meant for Americans and people who come here legally. According to Pew Research Center, a staggering eight million American jobs were taken by illegal immigrants. A lot of these jobs could have gone to Americans and other immigrants, as they legally applied for the job.


Do not get me wrong, immigrants and people of any race and ethnicity should be allowed in the United States as long as they follow the rules to settle here. It is the undocumented immigrants and criminals that are protected by sanctuary cities which are causing a very big problem in the United States.


President Donald Trump has also taken action to decrease the amount of sanctuary cities, as he claimed that there has been much “violent gang activity”, according to  


Although, many people might state that the federal immigration deportation policies are unjust because they target undocumented immigrants, deport people who have lived in the United States since childhood, deport people who have committed no crimes, separate families, and cause people to live in constant fear of deportation and its devastating consequences.


But if these people were documented immigrants who came here legally, then there would be nothing to hide, right?


Former President Obama had policies that let immigrants stay here, who were brought at a young age called Dreamers. Although, President Trump, wants to take away this policy to decrease the risk of criminals in the country.


Sanctuary cities should be put to a stop, because it can allow for dangerous criminals and unidentified/undocumented immigrants to enter the country. If there is a decrease in sanctuary cities, the country will have less issues dealing with immigration, and can focus on other things.


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