Sticking to the new trend


Nadia Scalzo

Laptop stickers are a popular trend amongst teens. From self expression to creativity, students at CHS have all different reasons for decorating their technology with them.

Fiona Koshy, Editorial Page Editor

Stickers have always been a popular item, especially for younger kids. Lately, it seems as though the trend has seeped into Coppell High School. From water bottles to phone cases, teenagers love adorning their items with stickers of all sorts.


A place of choice for stickers for many has been their laptop cases.


Whether it is to support a cause, express particular interests or just decorate for creative purposes, teenagers have all kinds of reasons for pasting stickers onto their laptops. Whatever the reason, stickers are a form of expression and their importance is unique and reflective of the student who chooses them.


CHS students share their opinions on laptop stickers and why they decide to use them.



Junior Madisen McCoy

“Everytime I look at my laptop, it brings positive vibes. I do a lot of stressful things like homework and studying, so it just makes it less stressful looking at it. Other than a few, all of my stickers are from a different places.


Usually whenever I have a lot of stickers, I just start another case and I add to that one. I have one other [case] so far, and I plan on making all of them different. This one’s more trippy and the other has more Vineyard Vines stickers. It’s really just what I’m feeling.”

Junior Nicole Do

“I probably started gathering my stickers a year and a half ago. I travel different places, so it was a thing my sister and [I did]. Stickers became a trend on the Macbook, so I started that. Instead of just picking them up at different places I traveled, I [started to buy] them online to fill [my] Mac.


I feel like [stickers] are a way for people to express themselves. Especially from mine, you can figure out what kind of person I am. It [also] brings back memories because now my sister is in college, so whenever I look back at them, I [see] those memories.


I have this outdoors sticker that says something about ‘loving s’mores in the outdoors.’ It reminds me of when my sister and I used to go camping when we were small. That’s really fun for me. It’s just a whole bunch of places I travel, and that’s important to me because I want to continue traveling in the future.”

Sophomore Mahati Shastry

“There’s this website called Red Bubble and I kind of just look off there and see what I like. [The stickers] I choose just kind of represent who I am and what I enjoy. I really like the ‘Hydrate or Dydrate’ one because it’s an inside joke between me and my friends.


Putting stickers on your things just tells the world who you are. If they can’t talk to you or actually get to know you as a person, they can still figure out the things you like in passing. I just think that’s a really cool concept.”

Junior Taylor Ortiz

“The type of stickers I put on my Macbook are brand logos, chip companies or shoe companies and stuff like that – any main logos. My favorite sticker is probably the Batman sticker because he’s my favorite superhero. I just think it’s the coolest sticker.


I’ll keep putting stickers on [my Macbook] as they come. Like Supreme stickers and such. [Laptop stickers] shows people the type of things you like, and shows off that you enjoy expressing yourself through stickers.”


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