On the Spot: World Series anticipation in full swing at CHS (with video)

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Coppell High School AP English IV and Creative Writing teacher and Los Angeles Dodger fan Matthew Bowden and AP Physics II teacher and Houston Astros fan Clint Rushing describe their passion for baseball as their favorite teams kick off in their first World Series game tonight. The World Series is an annual championship series that consists of Major Baseball teams in North America who compete against each other for the title as the World Series champion.

Fiona Koshy, Editorial Page Editor

 With game one of the 2017 World Series between the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers tonight, anticipation is building at Coppell High School, most noticeably amongst two teachers.


Having lived in California as a child, GT/AP English IV and Creative Writing teacher Matthew Bowden has grown up supporting the Dodgers. From going to its games to playing baseball himself, he has always been passionate about the sport.


“It’s hard for me to remember any memories of my childhood that aren’t somehow tied to the Dodgers whether it be going to the Dodgers game, wearing Dodger gear [or] laying in my bed every summer night and listening to Vin Scully on my little radio,” Bowden said. “Dodgers baseball has just been part of my life.”


Despite moving to Texas when he was 18, his love for the Dodgers has in no way diminished. Bowden hangs a Dodgers flag in his classroom and frequently wears Dodgers apparel to school.


His love for the Dodgers originates in his respect for baseball as a sport.


“Baseball is so Americana. It’s this part of American culture and American history,” Bowden said. “There’s just something about the smell of grass on the fresh cut field. Baseball’s kind of a slower paced sport; there’s a lot of time between pitches or between outs or between innings. It’s a great sport to just sit with friends or family and just talk about life or baseball. I think that’s why baseball connects us unlike other sports.”


With an 8-year-old son who is just as much a fan of the Dodgers, Bowden looks forward to watching tonight’s game alongside him.


Physics teacher and CHS assistant baseball coach Clint Rushing is just as enthusiastic about the game.


Like Bowden, Rushing has gone to baseball games ever since he was a child. Growing up in Houston, he has been an Astros fan his entire life.


Playing baseball through college and coaching high school students today, Rushing has had plenty of memories with the sport.


“We ran our conference championship my senior year [at Austin College]. [We were] not really the most talented team, but we played well together,” Rushing said. “We had a lot of moments along the way that challenged us as a team to grow together. It’s just one of those things that is always going to stick out to me.”


Both his personal experiences playing the game and memories watching the Astros has given Rushing a greater appreciation for baseball as a whole.


“[Baseball has] just been one of those things I have always done and enjoyed. It’s a passion of mine,” Rushing said. “It’s a game that’s available to everyone. You can’t just try to run the clock out, take a knee or this, that and the other. Everyone gets their chance.”


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