On the Spot: 2017 Homecoming Court brings excitement, school spirit


Bren Flechtner

Coppell High School seniors Georgia Cole and TJ Andres, juniors Connie Lee and Jay Dempsey are nominated for the homecoming court. The winners will be announced during halftime at tomorrow nights football game at Buddy Echols Field.

Fiona Koshy, Editorial Page Editor

At Coppell High School, homecoming week is a time of school spirit. From dress up days and mum and garter exchanges to the Friday pep rally and homecoming game, students and staff are enthusiastic about all the traditions throughout the week to take part in.


One of the biggest events, however, is the Homecoming Court.


“It’s a cool experience to have as a high schooler here,” CHS junior Connie Lee said. “Mum and garters are my favorite, and the pep rally is really fun for homecoming. I’m a little nervous to be walking on the field, but I think it will be a good time.”


Every year, CHS students nominate a boy and a girl from each grade to be on the homecoming court. This year, the court includes freshmen are Rachel Sun and Wyatt Andrews, sophomores Stefani Cormier and Sangho Han and juniors Connie Lee and Jay Dempsey.


The freshmen, sophomore and junior nominees will be presented at the pep rally tomorrow morning.


The seniors homecoming court consists of Georgia Cole and TJ Andres; Maggie Lazaroski and Surya Ramakrishnan; Venla Kuvaja and Nathan Stein; and Jade Rodriguez and Michael He. It is tradition at CHS to pair together senior boys and girls when it comes time to announce homecoming king and queen nominees.


“It’s my fourth year straight so that’s cool and I appreciate everyone voting for me,” Andres said. “All my friends have been really supportive, family members and everything; it’s always been great.”


Of these senior nominees, two will be crowned homecoming king and queen at the football game tomorrow night.  


Nominees look forward to walking across the field during the pep rally and football game and getting to go to the dance on Saturday.


“I really like how we all come together for the games and show school spirit,” CHS senior Georgia Cole said. “I’m really big into football, my dad loves it, so I’ve grown up in a family where we love football. Also, just being on the field during half time is going to be really fun.”


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