Cash, MacBooks, drones among prizes at annual Cheer Bingo


Varsha Kanneganti

Cheer Bingo’s round three winner Lisa Pehl celebrates winning the round with her friends and family on Friday night at Coppell High School during the cheerleaders annual bingo fundraiser. The event has been held for more than 20 years and helps raise funds for the cheerleading program.

Arman Merchant, Staff Writer

Lisa Pehl’s hands flew up in excitement as she ran up on stage to accept her $80 cash award.


“It’s awesome to win $80,” Pehl said. “I’m going use the money to fix my kitchen”.


As the night went on, the Coppell High School cafeteria filled with parents and students waiting in anticipation for each passing number to be called. Meanwhile, the CHS cheerleaders passed out food and drinks to participants as they continued to play bingo.


The annual Cheer Bingo is one of the Coppell cheerleading team’s main fundraisers for the upcoming year. The money goes towards equipment and competitions throughout the school year.


In addition to the main bingo games, the cheerleaders also held an ongoing raffle between each round. The raffle winners each won a basket, which held anything from an assortment of gift cards to a gym membership. At the end, the final raffle contestants had the opportunity to win either an Apple Macbook Air, an Apple iWatch or a drone.


Many of the cheerleaders, such as junior Kelly Wheeler, were enthusiastic to be raising money for their coming year of cheering.


“Cheer bingo is to help [the cheerleading team] gain money for CHS and to have a good time,” Wheeler said.


Many moms of cheerleader students who helped organize the event and its cause also seemed excited, as Coppell mom and resident Karen Tramle explained.


“All proceeds… will be used to offset future costs of cheerleading,” Tramle said.


Cheer Bingo has been held for more than 20 years. This CHS tradition has and will continue to be a fun night for many and a money-making bonanza for a lucky select few.