Students share excitement for upcoming Allen game


Laura Amador Toro

The cheerleaders run downfield after celebrating a Cowboy touchdown during the fourth quarter of Friday nights game at Pennington Field. The Cowboys won their first game of the season 58-23.

Lili Lomas, Sports editor, Digital content editor

With Coppell High School football playing state power Allen High School this Friday, students are preparing for the various aspects of the game from the halftime show to the support in the stands. They share with The Sidekick how they are building up excitement for the game.




Senior Parker Rodman- Student Section member

Parker Rodman is a member of the Student Section. He along with other students will be cheering on the Coppell Cowboys as they play the Allen Eagles this Friday. Photo by Siraj Mahmud

“I know that we’ll be bringing more supplies than usual. Probably a dinosaur will be there, probably a few animals, cartoon characters and I know [Senior Plunger Boy Kevin Galvin] is going to be wearing a different Plunger Boy outfit. If we win that would be fun so I’m just hoping that we’ll get to see a good game.”


Senior Patricio Elias- outside linebacker

Coppell High School senior Patricio Elías is a linebacker for the football team. The Cowboys are playing the state-ranked Allen Eagles on Friday night at Eagle Stadium. Photo by Siraj Mahmud.

“I’m most looking forward to beating Allen because that’s going to be really fun. We’ve been adding calls defensively to make the defense more aware of what we’re supposed to do and execute the play correctly. We’re definitely way prepared going in.”


Senior Brett Henry- drum major

Senior Brett Henry is a drum major for the Coppell High School band. He will be performing during the Coppell vs. Allen game this Friday at Eagle Stadium. Photo by Siraj Mahmud.

“The Allen band is notorious for being really big and they take up the entire field whenever they go on. Just today, we’re going to add more drill to the show and hopefully we’re going to add an entire movement for the next game. I’m excited to see how the band does because we’re going to be on short notice because we don’t have a lot of practice time to get this new movement in so I’m excited to see how we’ll react.”