City Council Meeting recognizes first place for IT’S TIME TEXAS Community Challenge


Fiona Koshy

Co-chairs of Living Well in Coppell Sally McCurdy and Ed Guignon come forward to recognize Coppell receiving first place in the ITS TIME Texas Community Challenge for the third year in a row. Living Well in Coppell received a check for $1,800 and showed it at the City Council Meeting on Tuesday night.

Fiona Koshy, Staff Writer

On Tuesday night, the Coppell City Council began its meeting by swearing in Council members Cliff Long for Place 1, Nancy Yingling for Place 5 and Mark Hill for Place 7 by Judge Lang. Mayor Pro Tem Wes Mays for Place 3, who was not present, was already sworn in on a prior date.


Following this recognition, co-chairs of Living Well in Coppell Sally McCurdy and Ed Guignon came forward to present Coppell’s first place award and prize money of $1,800 for the IT’S TIME TEXAS Community Challenge. A group of Coppell citizens who participated in the challenge joined them in recognizing this achievement. Third co-chair Maureen Corcoran was not available for the meeting.


With 758 Coppell participants, Coppell accrued a total of 2,870,300 points.


“We would like to congratulate everyone in the city who participated to demonstrate that Coppell is in fact a community that dedicates ourselves to health and wellness for all citizens: all those who live, work, learn and play in our community,” McCurdy said.


The readoption and usage of the Chapter 9 of the Code of Ordinances dealing with the Coppell Youth Programs was presented by Recreation Center Manager Sheri Belmont and approved.


A contract presented by Halff Associates Inc. to reconstruct Belt Line Road was approved. Construction will start in Spring 2020 and is estimated to cost no more than $1,226,000.00 and will be paid through the Capital Improvement Program funds.


Nancy Yingling, who was selected as Mayor Pro Tem, was officially appointed.


Deputy City Manager Mario Canizares made an appearance and was bid farewell by the council, as it was his last city council meeting as an employee. Canizares has worked with Coppell for about eight years and will begin working as assistant city manager in Denton this week.


“It’s been a real honor to work with Mario,” City Manager Mike Land said. “His dedication and commitment to service is unparalleled and from a professional career standpoint, I think it says a lot about our organization that he was sought out in Denton and things happened so quickly for him.”


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