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Coppell High School junior Navya Peddireddy checks senior Morgan Bryan’s pulse after Bryan gave blood in the Coppell High School small gym on Tuesday. Students in the medical endorsement and Red Jackets helped out at the blood drive. Photo by Wren Lee

Blood drive draws enthusiasm from medical community at CHS

This event encourages students to give back to community

September 19, 2016

Coppell High School hosted its annual blood drive this year on Sept. 13. Thanks to Carter Blood Care and the students who volunteered or donated, this year’s drive was a hit.

The Red Jackets host the blood drive each year with the help of Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA). This year, however, HOSA was given a bigger role in the event.


Many HOSA members volunteered at the event. When donors were done getting their blood drawn, volunteers took their blood pressure and pulse to make sure they were ready to go back to class.


“I want to be a doctor,” junior HOSA co-president Prachi Kadyan said. “I find [volunteering] fun… I like helping people.”


Members of HOSA who have taken a health science class in the past are eligible to help out at the blood drive. Before it comes time to volunteer, Shelly Redding and Martha Eitelman, members of the CTE Department, make sure that their students know the proper techniques for taking vital signs.


Not only do HOSA members get to help out medically, but they also provide comfort to those who have donated blood.


“Moral support is really important for some [donors] because they want to do good, but they are scared,” senior HOSA co-president Kirtana Kalavagunta said. “Not everyone is very comfortable with looking at blood and everything, so we have to be there to morally support them, give them snacks and stuff.”


This year’s blood drive was filled with student donors, eager to give back to their community.


“I know that [donating] can help save someone’s life whenever they need it the most,” junior donor Nicole Williams said. “It feels good to be a part of something like that.”


Students, mostly juniors and seniors, feel like they have impacted their own community because the blood drive is kept on a smaller scale.


“Some donor organizations ship the blood to other communities,” Redding said. “The great thing, and the reason why we select Carter Blood Care, is because [the blood] actually goes right back here in Dallas-Fort Worth. We want to stay local.”


Overall, the student involvement and great turn out is just another reason why the blood drive this year was such a success.
“The great thing about [CHS] and the community of Coppell is it’s a very giving community,” Redding said. “We’re not actually teaching [students] to give, they’ve already been taught that at home. We’re just continuing on with that tradition of encouraging kids to donate, and to give of themselves.”


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