Gillis shares the importance of celebrating student journalism (Q&A)


Sophomore staff member Elena Gillis does research for an upcoming story on Wednesday Feb 24.

Kathryn Rudd, Staff Writer

In case you have not noticed the Instagram posts, tweets and #SJW2016, it is Scholastic Journalism Week. Our staff works hard everyday to put out our best photos, videos and stories everyday to show what students can be capable of. Sophomore staff writer and page designer Elena Gillis shares what journalism and this week mean to her.


What made you interested in journalism and The Sidekick

I want to write sitcoms when I grow up. So I joined Sidekick to be more open about different perspectives to show other people. I think being exposed to different opinions and types of people have shown me what else there is to be apart of. Being a writer and also a page designer has really improved my skills overall. Straying away from just writing has shown me what I else I am capable of in journalism.


What are some of the advantages of being involved in the newspaper?

I think student journalism opens a lot more opportunities. Our school is mainly focused on math and science and it’s really cool how we can be apart of this and be apart of a different atmosphere.


What is your favorite part of being a writer for the staff?

Sharing my opinions on the world and being able to make an impact to my community, and even make an impact on myself as I grow as person through journalism. You’re always doing something different. I’ve done design, graphics, photos and I’m a writer so it’s interesting to see something.


Has the stress of meeting weekly deadlines made it difficult to stay passionate about the class?

I stress more about the quality of what I’m getting done instead of finishing on time. It’s made me pay attention to what I’m doing. I definitely feel it’s worth the stress when I’m happy with what I’ve done.


Why is Scholastic Journalism Week important to you?

I think we should celebrate Scholastic Journalism Week because it’s important for [students] to be involved. We’re sharing news and people want to watch KCBY and it celebrates our creativity. For the rest of your classes you don’t have a lot of free range, but here you can do what you want. It makes coming to class so much more enjoyable. It’s fun.