The helpful companion; wearable technology grows prevalent with students

Tanya Raghu, Staff Writer

Through football practice, the school day and sleeping, a smart tracker could become a student’s most helpful friend.


Other than tracking steps, calculating stairs climbed, keeping tabs on water intake and saving allotted calories, this gadget has typically becomes an important tool with maintaining well being.


Many students have joined the wearable tech revolution, taking the necessary steps to stay fit and take care of their bodies in quick and handy fashion.


Smart wristbands such as the Apple Watch, which was released last April, have become the most popular form of wearable technology.


“Since [the Apple watch] alerts me about my messages, it has been so much easier to keep up with my emails and texts, allowing me to quickly respond to them very conveniently,” North Hills Preparatory junior and Apple Watch owner Pallavi Nanu said.


Most smart wristband owners do not need to carry their phones in their pocket, allowing them to have a hands-free experience.


Despite popular notion, wearables include smart glasses, head-mounted displays, smart clothing, wireless headphones, heart rate monitors and essentially any other smart device you can wear.


Wearable technology has even had groundbreaking success in the healthcare field. The Lumo Lift is a small clip that has become a very popular device to improve posture and wellbeing.


Inventions such as these completely change the possibilities for people to take control of their lifestyles and keep our health in check.


Wristbands have special benefits for students because they can glance at their wrist for the time or quickly reply to text messages without the distraction of other apps, just their necessities.


Affordable to students, the Jawbone Up Move starts at just 25 dollars, ranges to the 85 dollar Fitbit Flex and finally the Apple Watch, starting at 400 dollars.


“I never get distracted anymore when I need to reply to a message because I can instead type quick responses and dismiss other items easily,” TAMS (Texas Academy of Math and Science) junior and Apple Watch owner Priyanka Vayalai said.


Fitness trackers are not only for people trying to get in shape and meet 10,000 steps a day, the recommended number by the American Heart Association (AHA), but also for athletes who are trying to take their game to the next level.


“If you need to quickly know your heart rate, instead of sitting there and counting it, you could just use your device for quicker results,” Coppell High School sophomore Antharya Boindala said. “I use [my Fitbit] to my advantage to check my heart rate and see if I am improving when running.”


To make devices more personalizable and appealing, designer company Tory Burch has partnered with Fitbit and Hermes with Apple. Together, they have transformed trackers into fashionable and chic accessories.


It has been proven that only one in four teens get the exercise per day recommended by a study done by the Center for Disease and Control (CDC).


Nanu is a part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program who does not play a sport regularly and realizes that it is very difficult to fit in physical exercise with a heavy schoolwork load. Her Apple Watch has benefited her greatly with reminders and giving her suggestions to increase her steps based on her daily habits.


“[The Apple Watch] allows me to be active by reminding me to get up and take a walk if I am sedentary for too long,” Nanu said.


Students who have made this small adjustment in their lives have boasted of their many benefits. It always helps to have someone encouraging you through the stressful time of high school by emphasizing exercise, more water and recommended sleep.
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