Tradition of talent to be on display Saturday at annual show


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In the 2013 show, local band Flood the Walls preformed with lead vocalist Adreesh Roy. This years show is on Saturday.

Reid Valentine, Staff Writer

Audience interaction is the key to a wonderful show, and the Coppell High School Talent Show sponsored  by the choir program is sure to be wonderful, as audience members get to decide and vote on their favorite act. It also promises to be a diverse compilation of skill and ability.

“You get a good chance to see different varieties of acts,” associate choir director Casey Carruth said. “So instead of this being just a music concert, you will see a much bigger array of talents.”

The annual Coppell High School Talent Show is on Saturday. Tickets are on sale during all lunches today and Friday for $5, and tickets at the door will be sold for $10.

As a tradition here at the high school, being an event that has been going on for over 20 years, sophomore Saira Hock urges students to come to recognize their peers while they have the stage.

“These people’s talent needs to be appreciated, for what is it,” Hock said. “This is a great way for anyone that wants to, to be able to grab a share of the spotlight.”