Simple Mexican recipe putting a twist on holiday leftovers


By Lili Lomas

Staff Writer


Every year after a delicious holiday feast, many people have lots of leftover turkey or ham that they do not know what to do with. This simple recipe for Tortas (a Mexican version of a sandwich) has been the solution for generations in Mexican families, as it not only finds a place for the excess meat from the night before, but it also revives it, giving it new flavor with minimal effort.


Though in Mexico, one would use Mexican “pan blanco” or white bread, fresh from a bakery, my family has found a substitution bread from our local grocery store that does the trick. Eat these Tortas for breakfast, lunch or dinner (in my house it is all three), and they are perfect for sharing.


Tortas Recipe


Ingredients to make 1 torta:

-La Brea Torta Sandwich Roll (found at Costco or Kroger)

-Handful of leftover turkey or ham, shredded

-3 slices of tomato

-3 slices of onion

-3 slices of avocado

-3 slices of jalapeño





1.Slice the Torta Roll in half, long ways. Toast on medium setting.

2. Spread mustard and mayonnaise on opposite sides of the bread to your liking

3. Layer onto one slice of the bread shredded holiday meat and sliced vegetables. You can leave out or add more of any of the ingredients listed.

4. Top off with the other slice of bread and enjoy!