Lariettes head upstage to experience Broadway in New York City

Shannon Morgan
staff writer

Traveling all the way to New York City, Coppell High School’s Lariette drill team spent four days this past weekend honing their dance skills, sightseeing around the city and coming closer together as a team.

“We took a dance class on Saturday morning from a guy from the cast of “Wicked”, and then on Monday morning we took a dance class from a former Rockette,” junior Social Officer Kate Dastur said. “We also got to take a tour of Radio City Music Hall. We got to go backstage and see all the things that you don’t get to see during a show. We also saw two musicals, “Wicked” and “Kinky Boots” while we were there.”

For many of the Lariettes who are dance and performing enthusiasts, traveling to New York was the perfect opportunity for them

The entire CHS Lariette drill team went to New York City this past weekend to take dance classes and explore the city. Photo provided by Kate Dastur.
The entire CHS Lariette drill team went to New York City this past weekend to take dance classes and explore the city. Photo provided by Kate Dastur.

to see professional dancers and actors, and experience what it is like to be one.

“Just being in New York, it’s definitely a place for artists to grow and find the spotlight,” junior line member Gretta Hotz said. “It was really exciting to be there and dance among the people who have already reached the pinnacle of their success.”

They traveled to New York Friday morning, and did not stop sightseeing and dancing until Monday night, when they came home.

In addition to their Saturday and Monday morning dance classes, they found time to explore the city with their friends.

“We were on our feet nonstop going to dance classes, Broadway shows, different tours and just touring the city,” Junior line member Savannah Strauss said.

The team went to popular New York tourist destinations such as Ellen’s Stardust Diner, Broadway Dance Center, Central Park and 5th Avenue.

“We went to dinner at Ellen’s Stardust Diner, which has people trying to be on Broadway,” Dastur said. “They get jobs there as waiters and waitresses, and they sing to you while you’re eating. It was really cool.”

Before the they got to experience all of the exciting parts of New York though, the Lariettes needed to pack properly for the cold and snowy weather and plan for the trip financially.

Some of this trip is to be thanked partially to the Lariette Service Organization [LSO], who has monthly meetings to provide funding for the Lariettes. Besides the Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser, the LSO also hosts the annual Lariette Drill Team Clinic.

“The LSO, who is charge of our Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser, put some of that money [raised] towards our trip,” Dastur said. “It went to some of our meals but for the most part things like hotel fees were paid for by our parents. The fees were paid in installments throughout this year.”

Overall the Lariettes had a successful trip to New York, between exploring New York and being rewarded for their hard work through taking classes with professionals.

“Being able to go to New York with the Lariettes was an incredible experience,” Strauss said. “I feel like the team as a whole grew closer together throughout these four days. It was great learning experience that I will remember forever.”