2015 Spring Showcase proved informational to incoming freshman students, parents

By Gabby Sahm

Staff Writer


During Coppell High School’s Spring Showcase on Monday night, the girls show choir Respira performed. The same show performed during this year’s competitions was performed in the small commons, so that the parents and students attending can conveniently watch and see what takes place during the class and rehearsals in a more convenient location. Photo by Mallorie Munoz.

Tables were lining the halls and students were rushing to get their booths ready. Parents started to arrive just in time to see the Madrigals perform some songs as music from Air Crew could be heard as a dull whisper.

This is what you were greeted with when you walked into Coppell High School on Monday night.

The 2015 Spring Showcase was held throughout the halls of CHS. Clubs and organizations came to display their work along with talking to parents about what they have been accomplishing so far this year in order to encourage incoming freshmen to think about joining the clubs.

The showcase housed five different sections; The Learning Showcase, the Clubs and Organization Showcase, the Co-Curricular Showcase, the Performance Showcase and  Counselor Corner. The Learning Center highlights the student-based learning that can be seen around CHS. The Clubs and Organization Showcase is where different clubs and groups got to show parents and community members what they were made of.

Assistant principal for freshman Anthony Poullard headed and organized this years showcase. He wanted to highlight the amazing learning and talent we have on our campus.

“I had several favorite parts,” Pollard said. “One was seeing the students take the reins on learning and really highlighting what is happening here and another was seeing all the performances and being able to really see all the talent.”

CHS junior Uma Chavali was a part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) History table and showed parents what it will be like if their children take IB classes. She liked the opportunity to show off her and her fellow classmates hard work for everyone to see.

“The whole showcase is really about showing parents all the work and effort we have put into our specific classes,” Chavali said. “[It] shows incoming students what’s to come.”

The Co-Curricular Showcase is what incoming ninth graders were drawn to. Teachers and students could talk to them about doing extra-curricular activities like fine arts and sports.

The Performance Showcase showed parents and community members what musical and dance groups students could join, as well as playing and performing fun songs and dance routines.

For parents that had many questions about the upcoming SAT or any information about classes, there was a special Counselor Corner, where most of the CHS counselors stood to answer questions that were thrown their way.

Counselor for 10th-12th graders John Crook is no stranger to getting questions from parents daily. The showcase helps bring light to many of the questions parents had, along with him being able to talk about his and the students’ work.

“It is a chance to brag about ourselves and show off everything we have done,” Crook said. “It can help eighth graders get excited for high school because studies afters studies show that if you get involved in your high school the chances of you succeeding are much better.”

CHS senior Red Jacket Zeba Shaik was also a part of the Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) table at the showcase. She enjoys connecting with new people and trying to inspire students to join clubs.

“It means a lot to me that I get to connect with younger people who aspire to be like me,” Shaik said. “If they want to be an officer and I could maybe inspire them to get there or to start their own club by showing them my club.”