Dallas Cowboys play in wild-card game Saturday

The Cowboys have not won a playoff game since 1996. Yeah, I said it. I know everyone says, “It’s not about the past,” and “we’re a whole different team,” but those people have to realize something: It isn’t easy being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fair-weather fan. I don’t disown my team. If I didn’t after their 44-6 loss to the Eagles to end their 2008 season, then I never will. But I think it’s our turn. I think it’s about time for us loyal Cowboys fans to be rewarded for our efforts, for supporting a team that always seems to wait until the fourth quarter to step it up.

The last couple of games have been amazing and gratifying. To defeat an undefeated team like the New Orleans Saints, when everyone and Tony Dungy said it was impossible, was a dream come true for the true fans.

But now, Saturday’s game is all that matters. Unfortunately, we have to play the Eagles for the second week in a row (which I believe is poor planning on the NFL’s part) and they will be out for blood. But the Eagles had their chance. This year, it’s time for Cowboys to fulfill their hype by winning a playoff game against one of their biggest rivals in the NFL.

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