Progress being made; Inventeam finishes second mock up for Gateways

By Gabby Sahm

staff writer


Photo courtesy of Ruth Fernandes
Photo courtesy of Ruth Fernandes

This past Friday, the InvenTeam finished it second mock-up for its Gateways project. The project aims to help the special needs students at Coppell High School perform tasks so that their teacher can collect data.

The students press certain buttons according to what is being shown on the monitor. The data is then recorded via the kinect attached on top and records their actions. In the new update, the team is able to attach the kinect to the top, along with the buttons for the students to press.

The new update also includes a wider base so students in wheelchairs can fully access it. The monitor can also spin in a 360 degree motion to accommodate certain students needs. It also raises up and has supports that help it stay up for differences in height.

The next mock-up will be completed by Jan. 15, and even more changes will be implemented.