Yearbook pranks it’s own

First year Yearbook staff members awoke this morning to be visited by their fellow senior members carrying bundles of wacky clothes in honor of Yearbook Wake Up day.

“Today’s when all the senior staff members wake up the junior staff members early and make them wear something ridiculous to school.  They have to wear it all day and can’t take it off,” said senior Micaela Rosinski. “I was lucky, they just dressed me up as an elf or something.”

Students could see roaming the hallways today students wearing random coats, seperate pairs of shoes, and bizarre hats.

“When they handed me the hat to wear, I thought I was going to get out of it sense I remembered you couldn’t wear hats at school,” said senior Tara Ferguson.  “Then they reminded me that it was a hat day for everyone and said I’d fit right in.”