Christmas parade brightens streets of Coppell

Frances Ruiz
Staff Writer
Video accredited to Kara McFarlane

Joyous songs boasting upbeat melodies, twinkling lights of every shape and size and participants full of Christmas cheer were found amongst the myriad of festivities at the 2009 Coppell Christmas Parade.

Holiday fun associated with the parade began Dec. 5 as community goers bundled up in warm clothes and braved the wintry cold to take part in the annual event. While the City of Coppell once again required each float to display holiday lights, new and distinct concepts were showcased in this year’s parade. Such concepts consisted of handing out glow sticks, outlining car windshields, bumpers and parade participants with Christmas lights and including the infamous, green Dr. Seuss character, the Grinch.

Senior Kaitlin Vanriper felt the parade was a great way to show Christmas spirit through a utilization of lights and decorations.

“I love that the parade is now in the dark because you can see all these really cool floats with different colored lights,” Vanriper said. “It’s interesting to see how the unique lighting decorations will be used.”

Bursting to the seams with friendly snowmen, animated reindeer and inflatable Santas, the parade contained an abundance of Christmas spirit and holiday cheer. Among the myriad of organizations taking part in the festivities were St. Ann Catholic Parish, Fellowship Church, the Coppell Coyotes baseball club and the Coppell Republican Club.

 While most organizations had children riding on the float wishing community-goers an enthusiastic “Merry Christmas” some decided to change it up by playing live music or solely showcasing creative light displays.

Senior Morgan Selph expressed great interest in the organizations taking part and the creative ways in which they represented their cause. 

“My favorite part was seeing the different companies, clubs and vendors,” Selph said. “It was really cool to see how they incorporated the holidays in their advertising.”   

While the parade is one of the many annual traditions and events within Coppell, it proves to be much more than an event planned by the city. It also serves as an outlet for growth and interaction amongst all members of the Coppell community as those participating, attending and coordinating the event established new friendships and experiences with others.

  By bringing people together, the Christmas parade enables those of all ages and interests to celebrate the upcoming winter holidays, as well as a sense of community.

Coppell resident Scott McFarlane thought the event was an excellent opportunity for personal enrichment. 

“The parade is possibly one of the best ways to bring people together in order to support something greater within the community,” McFarlane said. “It’s really an experience you don’t want to miss.”  

The 2009 Christmas Parade enabled members of Coppell to prepare for the upcoming holiday season, as well as experience a sense of togetherness for all who were involved and chose to watch the fun-filled event.

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