Sparks plays recreational video games competitively


By Allie Arnold
Staff Writer

Freshman Logan Sparks is one of the few students at CHS who enjoy a hobby that many didn’t know existed. Competitive gaming is an up and coming activity that people,

IMG_6546like Sparks, are finding to be both fun and rewarding.


Q: What games are played competitively?


A: “Anything you want really. A lot of people choose to play Call of Duty, Halo, and games like that. If someone is willing to play against you in that game then you can play it.”


Q: Where do you go to play these games competitively?


A: “You can do it online or go to a convention and play against people all over the country. Whenever there are conventions that come in town or are anywhere nearby, I will go to those just because it’s a lot more fun to be see all of the games being played in a room full of people.”


Q: What do you get for winning?


A: “A lot of times, if you win, you will receive some kind of award, usually money. Thousands of dollars could be offered to the winner, so there is often a lot of pressure on these things to win.”


Q: Have you ever won any money?


A: “I have not won a significant amount. The most I’ve probably ever won is 100 dollars. I don’t do it for the money, really, so it doesn’t matter. I just love video games and playing against people from different places is interesting as well as fun.”


Q: Who do you play with?


A: “I like to play with my friends. I’ve made some online through gaming and there are also a few people here who like to play competitively who I have made good friends with just through playing.”


Q: Is this something you plan on doing as a career later on in the future?


A: “I would definitely want to do this my whole life if I thought I could make a decent living out of it, but I don’t think I can. It is very hard to win money in these games. You have to be very good, so I just don’t think it’s practical.”