Summer volunteer opportunities now available for teens

Corrina Taylor
Staff Writer

In the scorching summer heat the public library offers solace from the weather outside, with its air conditioning, cold soft drinks and abundance of books.

During the summer the William T. Cozby library is commonly filled with people of all ages, due to the abundance of people the librarians rely on the help of teenaged volunteers. These “volunteens” work at the Summer Reading Club Desk.

Here the volunteens help register children for various programs, help distribute prizes or help plan out special events. The volunteer opportunities are from Monday, Jun. 10 through Tuesday, Aug. 6.

To be considered for a volunteen students must be a Coppell resident and between the ages of 12 and 17. For those turning 12 during the summer they are eligible to volunteer as of their birthday but not before. For 17 year olds turning 18 in the summer they may volunteer up until the day before their birthday.

To participate in the volunteen program applicants must visit the Information Desk to schedule an appointment to finalize the dates and times they can work. A completed and signed Application and Guidelines form will be needed when the appointment is scheduled.

All volunteens are required to have a William T. Cozby Public Library card in their own name with no fines or lost materials.

Either a parent or the teen may schedule the appointment, but the parent and student must both be present during the reserved time to finalize the days and times the student will volunteer.

The minimum shifts a student must work is three and the maximum is five. Once the program begins there will be additional hours available.

The library will begin accepting forms and appointments on Monday, Mar. 18 at the Information Desk.


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