Jerry Traylor, a modern inspiration

Jerry Traylor visits CHS to talk to Students. Photo by Tyler Morris.

Jerry Traylor visits CHS to talk to Students. (Photo by Tyler Morris)

Blog by Caitlin Conner
Staff Writier

Today CHS seniors and sophomores heard a presentation from motivational speaker and Forrest Gump inspiration Jerry Traylor. Traylor, author of Live Carefully, spoke to students about his struggle with cerebral palsy and the many challenges he has faced to overcome it.

From his first marathon of 26 miles to his 3000 mile-plus journey across the United States, all completed wearing crutches, Traylor has triumphed over his illness and used it as a tool in motivating students all over the country.

Traylor’s main message to students was about learning how to gain control over our limitations, rather than letting our limitations gain control over us. 

As his final slide stated, “Every great journey begins with a single step.”

To learn more about Jerry Traylor, click here.

Photo gallery by Tyler Morris.

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