New jerseys for new year

By Caitlin Conner
Staff Writer

New team, new dream. The CHS girls soccer team is deciding between this and other catch phrases to find a motto to accompany their new Under Armour jerseys and sweats this season. The Cowgirls will be the first girls soccer team in the area to have Under Armour jerseys.

“Last year we decided to get Under Armour jerseys because they look really sharp on the field and they’re just really nice,” senior Erin Barlow said. “They sent in two different samples and we basically decided to buy everything because it looked so good.  We have extra jackets in different colors and matching sweats.”

Coach Chris Stricker is excited about the jerseys appearance as well. He thinks they are a good resemblance of the new team, to follow up last year’s class 5A state champion.

“I am excited about that because I want to remind the girls that this is a new year,” Stricker said. “Last year’s team accomplished some amazing goals and even though most of [our players] are back this year I want the girls to realize this is a new team.”

Although this year’s team has several returning players from the 2008-2009 season, their work ethic and drive to succeed remains the same.

“We will definitely be the team to beat in the area but that is nothing new for this group,” Stricker said.

 Despite the high bar set by last year’s state champions, this new team has no problem meeting the challenge.

“We feel like every time we step on the field we always get everyone’s best effort because of what the girls in the past have accomplished,” Stricker said. “This group wants to continue the tradition and hopefully build on the tradition by being the first in the school to repeat a state championship.”

 Barlow agrees with Stricker when it comes to team dynamics. 

“Without a doubt, I would say we have the same chemistry as last years,” Barlow said. “We have a legitimate shot to make it to state gain this year because we only technically lost five people. Almost all of our starters are returning.”

The girls have also learned many lessons from last year’s team and are hoping to repeat the same communication and chemistry on the field.

“Everyone on the team knows we have the talent to make it back and win state again,” Stricker said. “I think we learned last year that team chemistry is just as important as having talent.”

To see what the new jerseys will look like click here.