Social media and the election

By Jay Carroll
Staff Writer

As of now, almost everyone knows that Barack Obama (D) defeated GOP candidate Mitt Romney to be re-elected as President, to go on with his agenda in the second term of his presidency. As the election unfolded and the electoral college votes were announced to the public through media outlets, the students of CHS logged into social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to post their thoughts about the election.

Many social media users all over the country, saw mixed emotions from people on the sites like Twitter and Facebook, some were upset about Obama being re-elected as president and some were happy that Obama was re-elected for a second term.

“Guess I’ll go to Canada or something,” junior Richard Floyd said via  Facebook status, which happened to be a popular remark among GOP or other party supporters.

The number of Twitter post, that were election related skyrocketed Tuesday, as people headed to the polls and the results unfolded. There were over 31 million election related tweets on election day, and when President Obama was re-elected, there were 327,452 tweets per minute.

“Romney or Obama… you live in Coppell. Be thankful for the life you have,” senior Jason Lister tweeted as he took a more positive outlook than some of the people’s views on the outcome of the election, and telling people just how lucky we really are to live in a community like Coppell.