Football Journal #3: Allen Preview

By Alex Nicoll
Staff Writer

In the most anticipated match-up this year for Coppell, the Cowboys are leaving no stone unturned as they prepare for the nationally ranked Allen Eagles.

This even means having schools’ fights songs blaring from the scoreboard during practice.

Yes, if you venture outside during seventh period, you can hear high school and collegiate fight songs radiating from Buddy Echols field.

This might seem like an odd strategy for a team about to play their biggest opponent of the season as it might disrupt them.

But when you go up against the largest band in the state-heck maybe even the country- this is exactly what Coppell head coach Joe McBride wants.

“They have the biggest band in the state, they have hundreds and hundreds of kids, it is real loud and for us to do our communication and run what we run and do what we do, we have to work with noise,” McBride said.

If you do not know anything about Allen’s self-proclaimed “Pride of Allen” marching band, here is an update.

They are currently the largest band in the state of Texas with over 600 members. The band program called the Allen Eagle Escadrille is made up of the band, a color guard, and the Tallenettes drill team.

The marching band is also big enough that they stretch from sideline to sideline.

Known for their colossal size and sound, the band could prove difficult for Coppell to run plays. However even with the threat of the music looming; McBride is not changing his game-plan at all.

“We are going to do the same things we have been doing, but we just have to get our kids adjusted to the noise and being vocal up-front,” McBride said. “But some are just signals, and some are just listening to the quarterback.”

Coppell does not only have to worry about the Escadrille, they also have to worry about the loud and rowdy Allen fans. As one of the largest schools in the area, they are expected to sell-out the visitor side with ease.

The fan base is of no concern to McBride though,

“I have heard a lot, but my concentration is really on getting the group ready,” McBride said.

-By Tanner McCord

Luckily for the Coppell and Allen fans alike, if you have to miss the game or just want to re watch what should be a fantastic game, it will be broadcast during the game online at and there will be a delayed TV broadcast provided by More information regarding where the broadcast can be found will be provided on