Windows 7 has arrived

Windows 7 has arrived.

Laptops and desktops are changing at a rapid rate, and you’ll find that a lot of the familiar components are nowhere to be seen. Computers are now becoming smaller in size, but smarter than ever. PC does in particular have to be the fastest growing brand of technology seen today. One can do everything from watch movies to surf the internet.

Since internet seems to be the most popular laptop based activity, PC has created yet another tool to intrigue several customers, the “net book”. Basically it is a small easy to use and inexpensive laptop created mainly for internet usage, “people were so excited about the small, easy-to-carry size that they didn’t miss having a CD or DVD drive”.

 While convenience may be what every laptop and phone company is trying to target, but price plays a huge role in determining the success rate of such items. At Best Buy netbooks are being sold for approximately $250, however, is it really worth it when all you get is internet and no CD or DVD drives.

Although people want internet all the time, they also look for practicality. There seems to be no reason at all as to why one should spend $250 simply to receive easy access to the worldwide web. I would much rather buy the entire package in a laptop that comes with full drives, USB connections, and perhaps a camera as well for a onetime $2000 fee.

Aside from it all, humans are entirely dependent upon technology; in essence, we use it to solve all our problems, even the smallest. This being the case, maybe we have become desperate enough to buy a miniature laptop for $250 that only provides internet connection.

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