First Lacrosse feature movie released today

By Jay Carroll
Staff Writer

Lacrosse has been mentioned in some Hollywood movies and television shows in the past, one being American Pie. A movie solely featuring lacrosse came out today, however, which is a pretty big deal for the lacrosse world.

Crooked Arrows is a movie that is completely about the journey of a lacrosse team – and their coach. A mixed-blooded Native American named Joe Logan is trying to modernize his reservation. However, in order to do so he must first prove himself to the Tribal Chairman. So, he starts coaching the tribe’s lacrosse team.

The movie will not open in every theatre worldwide, but it will open in a large amount of theaters, including the AMC Theaters at Grapevine Mills mall. This movie is a large step in the raise in awareness about the fastest growing sport in America.

It is said to be an inspirational, up-lifting movie like other sports movies such as The Mighty Ducks, and Hoosiers.

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