Coppell Farmers Market opens spring season with ribbon cutting


People attend the Coppell Farmers Market to purchase locally grown goods and produce.

People attend the Coppell Farmers Market to purchase locally grown goods and produce. Photo by Jay Carroll.

By Jay Carroll and Capri Jordan
Staff Writer and KCBY Staff Member

Imagine a local place where you can buy completely organic goods while not having to deal with the mayhem of a grocery store.

That place is The Coppell’s Farmers Market (CFM), which celebrated its 10th anniversary on April 14 with a ribbon cutting ceremony to open the season. CFM, a member of the Coppell Chamber of Commerce, has moved to its new location at the intersection of South Coppell Road and Burns Street.

Some venders have been selling at CFM for all 10 years that it has been open to the public, one of those being Jack Finley.

“I have met the best people in Coppell,” Finley said “I feel as if this event has brought the community together.”

Finley leaves home just south of Mineral Wells at 4 a.m. to sell his fresh vegetables at the Coppell Farmers Market.

CFM vender Lisa Lucido sells a wide variety of products. Some items that are sold by Lucido are plants, homemade pasta, Italian sausage, chicken eggs and much more.

“It takes a lot of time to make the pasta,” Lucido said “We make about 600-1,000 pounds of pasta a week. We start making the pasta on Sunday night, and it takes about three to four days for the pasta to dry.”

Lucido owns a green house in Copper Canyon, where she grows plants to sell at CFM.

While there is construction that is underway in Old Town Coppell, where the Farmers Market used to be held, there will be a pavilion built next to the new location.

“Coppell Farmers Market has impacted Coppell, by showing people that locally grown products are available to them.” Coppell Chamber of Commerce member Tony Moline said.

The Chamber of Commerce tries to promote the Farmers Market by sending out weekly newsletters, putting out signs, the Farmers Market even advertises with the Coppell High School football team. All of these things are done to raise awareness about the event and support local farmers and venders. The Farmers Market is now in its spring season, which means there will be venders out every Saturday from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Along with the food sold at Coppell Farmers Market, there are door prizes and raffles you can participate in when you attend the Farmers Market.

“The goal of Coppell Farmers Market is to support local growers and farmers,” Chair of Coppell Farmers Market Karen Pearsall said.

Coppell Farmers Market provides healthy alternatives to many items and products available at grocery stores.

Farmers Market from KCBY-TV on Vimeo.