Storm aftermath visible in Coppell

By Sarah Police
Staff Writer

When assistant principal Sean Bagley came on the intercom during sixth period, most people were not aware of the severity of the storm that was headed towards Coppell.

Thankfully, all of the “duck and cover” drills we dread throughout the year paid off; no one at Coppell High School was injured. Several parts of the community were damaged, however, including buildings, roofs and more severely, cars.

Math teacher Dana DeLoach is one of many in Coppell whose car did not make it through the storm unscathed.

“I have driven a Dodge Caravan mini van for 11 years and over spring break we finally decided to get a new car,” DeLoach said. “We got a Mazda CX9. It’s fancy, has everything, so of course what happens, the storm.”

DeLoach may just have bad luck, but the damage could have been more extensive.

“We have the hail damage and I’ve just got big hail dents on my car,” DeLoach said.

Unfortunately, the hail damage isn’t the only thing DeLoach’s three week old car suffers from.

“The funny part of it is on Sunday before the storm, we were rear-ended,” DeLoach said. “We were sitting at a light going to church and boom; we get hit from behind, and boom we hit the person in front of us.”

Deloach’s car is now smashed in the front and back, with dents along her car from the hail.

“It just goes to show that you think that a new car is going to be fine but here we are within a week and I’ve had two major incidents,” DeLoach said. “It’s going to be interesting dealing with the insurance.”

While DeLoach is unhappy with the damage, she is happy the impairment isn’t as widespread as it could have been.

“When you think about all of the people who’ve had so much severe damage from the storm a little bumps and bruises on a new car isn’t that big of a deal,” DeLoach said.