Swim team’s annual fundraiser begins

By Caroline Carter
Staff Writer

Next week, it will not be uncommon to see yards of house in Coppell covered with pink flamingos. The CHS swim team will begin their annual Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser today.

How it works is that the swimmers will place a flock of pink flamingos in front of a house after sunset.  The flamingos will come with a letter explaining how the fundraiser works, and the different donation levels and what they earn you.

A ten-dollar donation will remove the flock from your yard, a 15-dollar donation will remove the flock and will allow you to find out who flocked you, and a 20-dollar donation will allow you to flock someone else in Coppell. You can also pay for “flocking insurance” which means that you will no longer be flocked.

“It is a really fun thing that we do every year,” varsity swimmer Caroline Overman said. “It’s fun to see everyone get involved plus it raises a good amount of money.”