Fall has finally arrived

By Chase Porter
Staff Writer

Today, October 18th, has been the coldest day in months and it is expected to stay this way throughout the rest of the week.

Throughout this past summer up until now temperatures have been reaching up into the high 90s and even reaching into the 100s. Also, North Texas also managed to once again break the heat record this year by having the most consecutive days with temperatures of over 100 degrees.

Now, finally, the heat is starting to subside with temperatures today dropping all the way down to the 50s. Today also marks the coldest day since the beginning of May with temperatures dropping into the 40s later tonight and early tomorrow morning. This trend of cooler weather is expected to continue throughout the week and into the weekend according to wfaa.com.

The cold weather is a great change from all of the heat but what about some of the events taking place this week that could be effected by the cold weather and possible storms? Tomorrow, the senior will be able to enjoy their off campus picnic but hopefully temperatures stay nice enough to enjoy the outdoors with the low for tomorrow reaching a possible 45 degrees. Seniors, you better bring a jacket. Also, this weekend the World Series kicks off in Arlington with temperatures being predicted around 70 degrees but there is a chance of thunderstorms which could cause some serious rain delays during the game.