Underclassmen’s stress for success

Tolu Salako

Staff Writer

With the PSAT and first six weeks being over, stress for the future has been increasing over the past few weeks for CHS underclassmen. Before the PSAT I recall seeing groups of sophomore and even freshman preparing for the PSAT which does not even count for National Merit this year.

Including the stress of the PSAT, it’s a reoccurring action that many underclassmen stress over their tests, quizzes, homework, and acceptance into college.

With the workload of high school and standardized test, underclassmen have to carry even more stress on their shoulders including extracurricular activities such as football, band, lacrosse, etc.

Some say high school can be the best four years one’s life, however for CHS students it might just be the most stressful. Students might just have to grin and bare it in order to make it to the top 10% in this competitive school district.