CISD’s high enrollment leads to extreme crowdedness

By Seth Slover
Staff Writer

If you haven’t already noticed, the halls at CHS are slightly crowded.  If you consider yourself intuitive whatsoever, then you undoubtedly picked up on that not-so-subtle hint of underexaggeration.

But don’t feel too bad for yourself, because every other student enrolled in Coppell schools is in the same boat.  Coppell superintendent Dr. Jeff Turner writes a weekly news brief called the Supt.’s Scoop.  In his “scoop”, readers learn that CISD’s enrollment is up 400 students since the last day of school last year.

Furthermore, according to the superintendent, this is the largest enrollment ever in the Coppell School district.  10,575 students.  Read it again.  10,575 students.  I’d like to give a big shout-out to all the Freshmen “fish”.  You all are truly little fish in a very, very big sea.  I imagine it’s quite fun.

As of the first day of school, our “sea” at Coppell High School alone had a listed population of around 2,700.  If you were planning on enjoying the coveted luxury of additional space in the halls as the year goes, think again.  District officials say that there is generally a number of new students that register over Labor Day weekend.  If anything, brace yourselves for more people.

That being said, all students should take advantage of this great opportuntity to meet, greet and know more people within the walls of our schools.  Remember, you’re only in high school once.