Coppell heats up at first pep rally

By Henna Khan
Staff Writer

C-O-P-P-E-L-L, we’re on fire hear us yell! CHS took the meaning of being on fire to a whole new level during the year’s first pep rally on August 28. It was an energetic event to cap off end of the first week.

Principal Brad Hunt and senior Jake McCready cheer at the Aug. 28 pep rally.
Principal Brad Hunt and senior Jake McCready cheer at the Aug. 28 pep rally. (Photo by Katie Quill).

With a rush of hot new activities, the pep rally was kicked off with a new cheerleading routine, a pepper eating contest and a game of hot potato on the football field involving members from the stands. The creator of these innovations is teacher and cheerleading coach Brynlea Taylor.

“I believe that the cheerleaders definitely hold the responsibility of charging the student body along with the help of the Silver Spurs,” Taylor said. “I am excited to bring a collection of new themes to this year’s pep rallies as well as new dances and routines for everyone to see.”

While the pepper eating contest may have been a bundle of entertainment, sophomore, Clayton Dalrymple, the victor, was rushed to the nurses’ office due to the increasing redness in his face. While there, he was given milk to reduce the pain. Humored by the overall outcome, Principal Brad Hunt bought him lunch and a Coca-Cola for winning the contest and being a good sport.

Hunt is excited about the remaining themes for pep rallies, and hopes that by adding skits, games and more student involvement, they will become more memorable.  

“It’s pretty neat to have been with the class of 2010 throughout their entire high school experience,” Hunt said. “I can’t wait to see what impact all the new activities have on  students.”

Many can already feel the positive sensation this school year will bring through the highly school spirited pep rallies. New cheerleading co-captain of the varsity cheerleading squad, Allie Winkle, hopes to see everyone participate in this year’s themes.

“It’s fun to have a leadership role and be involved with the school,” Winkle said. “We want to get everyone excited about the first football game of the season, and hopefully see people take part in our cheers.”