Coppell Community “Cleans Up”

CHS supported the recognition of Earth Day on its walls. Photo by Jodie WoodwardBy Beth Anne Carroll

Staff Writer

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“Go Green”. It is a phrase commonly said, even if people do not necessarily understand it. On April 30, the city of Coppell tried to help its citizens become more eco-friendly.

During Coppell’s annual Earthfest activities, the community held the “Clean up, Fix up” drive. The drive allowed people to bring in electronics, clothes, household items and large trash items to be recycled or cleaned up, instead of becoming trash piled up at their residence.

“Basically, folks just drive through with their items and drop them off to be recycled or shredded,” Coppell community programs director Cristal Rollins said.

The drive collected a large variety of items. Local companies contributed to the drive, as well.

Waste Management donated large dumpsters for bigger trash and recyclables, and other companies such as Brinks and local collection shops participated by collecting items to recycle.

The drive had a great turnout, with volunteers keeping busy throughout the four-hour drive.  The drive-through set up allowed people to quickly drop off their donations as volunteers loaded them into trucks or trash bins. For the most part, donating and dropping off trash was free, with the exception of very large trash or recycle items, which made it even easier for people to donate. Students from Coppell High School even participated by volunteering for the drive.

The drive was also promoted by being held in conjunction with Earthfest.

Earthfest is an annual event that includes activities, music and information on how to live an eco-friendly life. The event had booths set up with information and activities that allowed people to start going green right away.

By having the drive held alongside Earthfest, people had even more incentive to participate because they could donate their items and then participate in the festivities happening nearby and experience the festival’s purpose. It also benefitted the message being spread through Earthfest, as the drive also served a similar purpose.

“[The drive] ties into the message of Earthfest. It promotes environmental awareness and reusing. It works out really well that it is all here together,” Rollins said.

Events such as Earthfest and the drive have been held in Coppell over the last couple of years to teach the community about how to be “green” and take better care of the Earth. The “Clean up, Fix up” drive was effective because it allowed residents to participate and experience environmental awareness first hand. The continuation of these events may lead to a very healthy Coppell in the future.